Beans’ Friends

AmberAmber (1)

A little mutt, a little (maybe) coyote... I'll write my bio later. I'm too busy hiding from danger noodles. Oh! And I live with my pawrents Tracy & David with my sister Luna.

BeansBeans (14)

I'm the reason for this blog but there's not much from me anymore because my pawrents split up, and Dad got custody of me. I don't see my mom anymore. 🙁

HaloHalo (1)

I belong to Beans' grandma and her human Rafael. I'm just a little puppy in a big, exciting world!

Lucyfur (RIP)Lucyfur (RIP) (7)

My name is Lucyfur and I am the matriarch of this abode. My life was ruined the day they brought home "Beans"- peaceful and calm turned to crazy and exuberant. A few years have passed, though, and I've been able to admit she's alright. She is somewhat manic, but she keeps my ears clean.

YubaYuba (4)

Hi! I'm Yuba and I'm a puppy! My special skills are napping, eating everything, and trying to remember to go poop outside because my people mommy gives me treats when I do. Sometimes I forget though.


About Beans

Hi! I’m Beans! Beans isn’t my real name, but its what my favorite people call me. My real name is Sashi, but I’ll answer to just about anything, especially if there is food involved!

Now I’m a big girl though. I’m almost 7 years old and I’m ginormous! Mom says I weigh almost 90 pounds, whatever that means. I think it just means I get to eat a lot, and I love to eat! Food is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I’m always looking for more stuffings. Our friend Tracy says I’m like a big, golden burrito, always looking for stuff to put in my tortilla.

So that’s me! And this is my blog where I tell you about all my favorite things! Like kibble! And cheese! And cow! I really, really love cow!

6/2016 – There probably won’t be a lot of posts from me anymore. My mom and dad decided not to be together anymore so I don’t get a lot of computer time anymore, and I hardly see my mom. But my friends will still share!