Big Scary Day

On Wednesday, my mom put on my new Thundershirt™, put on my harness and leash, and we went to the car. It was early in the morning, and I didn’t get breakfast. I don’t really like car rides either but I’m a big boy now and so I stuck it out.

We pulled up in front of the scary place- Mom called it the V-E-T- and we went inside. I tried hard not to but she made me. Then we went into a little room and they poked me in the butt to see if I was too warm inside and then Mom took off my harness, shirt, and let the other lady I didn’t know slip a leash over my head and take me away!

I didn’t want to go but they were nice enough to me. I was sad though and I took a nap in the middle of the day and when I woke up, I heard my mom talking in the other part of the building. She said I got neutered! I don’t know what that means but she said it will help me to be a VERY GOOD DOG! so it must be okay.

When we got home, I got a drink, went potty, and had dinner and then I chased my brother around for a while. Mom said I couldn’t lick my belly but I didn’t really want to after the first hour.

Hi! I’m Yuba!

Hi! Today the big people told me I have a name. Its Yuba. And they gave me a pretty blue collar, and they snuggled me and pet me and then gave me yuck stuff they said was for worms. What are worms? Do they taste good? I like to eat kibbles with milk and chew on my brothers and sisters a lot! I like to lay on my back and wave my paws around in the air too!

The people who likes to play with us a lot says I’m hers now and I get to stay here! I don’t know what that means though.


The humans took me to the vet today. I didn’t want to go at first, but I finally got into the car.

The vet gave me something nice and I felt so relaxed and at peace. My humans were good to me, but I can finally rest easy now. No more pain and no more struggles. I hope they will be okay without me.

A Difficult Day

The woman had to carry me to the couch the other day. I fell in the kitchen and I could not stand back up. I tried and tried but my legs would not work properly.

I was so humiliated to be carried like a helpless puppy! But I am grateful she took me to the couch- what kind of dog wallows around on the kitchen floor?

Oh Poop!

I think my big sister Lucy is getting old. She was so excited when our pawrents came home today, she pooped all over Dad’s blanket! She’s been doing things like that a lot likely. Walking along, and poop! I don’t even think she knows she’s doing it and I am worried about her. She’s almost 13 years old!

Booper Snoot

The woman, she is not my mother, rather my step-mother, insists we play a game called booper snoot. In this game, I am made most undignified until a few minutes of time have passed and she relinquishes the game.

Booper snoot is clearly a game meant for puppies. It is not for those as dignified as I am.