Yesterday my mom came (I don’t think she lives with us any anymore and that makes me sad) and she took Dad and Lucy away in her car. About an hour later they came back but Lucy wasn’t with them. Mom and Dad seemed really sad, and they had her leash and collar.

After Mom left I stayed close to Daddy and tried to make him feel better. I don’t think Lucy is coming back again. 🙁 I don’t understand what happened.

The Best Day

I had the best day yesterday! I got to bark at the mailman a lot, and I didn’t even mind when Mom yelled at me for knocking a bunch of stuff in the floor, I was so excited!

Then I made a new friend when some guy came to the house, and my Grandma came and I love her so much because she always plays with me!

Then Mom made us pretty and gave us cookies, and she pet me almost all day! It was the best day ever with all my favorite things in it! I can’t wait for it to happen again!

Bird! My Favorite!

The other night Mom got out of bed and called us into the kitchen and she gave us each a big chunk of bird! I love bird! Its my favorite!

My sister didn’t want to leave her bed but she finally realized what was going on… though I was kind of hoping they would give me her piece too. I know she can’t possibly like bird as much as I do.

Bird! I hope we get more bird soon!

Oh Poop!

I think my big sister Lucy is getting old. She was so excited when our pawrents came home today, she pooped all over Dad’s blanket! She’s been doing things like that a lot likely. Walking along, and poop! I don’t even think she knows she’s doing it and I am worried about her. She’s almost 13 years old!

My Couch!

This is my couch and I don’t want to share it with you Mom! I had such a hard day today after that bad UPS man came and parked on the street and made so much noise and I had to bark and bark and bark to keep you safe!

You think he brings stuff to people but I know he’s a bad man and if he comes inside, it’ll be really scary! That’s why I have to bark so much when he comes.

Healthy Life

Our mom and dad believe in keeping us healthy and not having to go to the V-E-T for stuff that can be prevented. Mom gives us our shots every year, and she gave me all my puppy shots too.

Even though I was getting all my puppy shots on time, I still got parvo because someone else’s dogs were running around the neighborhood and they were sick. But my mom and dad made sure I took all my medicine after rushing me to the vet as soon as I got sick and gave me lots of fluids. I hated the needle under my skin and the fluids didn’t feel good, but I got better. I wish that hadn’t happened but not everyone is as good as our mom and dad.

Our pawrents also made sure we got spayed as soon as we could. So many puppies don’t have good homes like us and getting us fixed helps not make that problem worse. Angel Dogs did my spay, and for everything else, I go to Dr. Biggerstaff at Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic.

Tell your folks to be responsible! Get your shots and get fixed!

Why, why, why?!?

Today my pawrents were outside almost all day and we couldn’t be with them. Mom put us in the back yard and told us to “Go dog!” but I don’t think we’re very good at it.

Dad was doing something to his truck and mom was playing with her yarn. I think that’s what she calls that stringy stuff.

Then mom came into the back yard with us and went into her little room and she did some stuff while we laid on the floor. I really like that room – it’s very calm and relaxing but sometimes she says “No dogs!” and closes the door.

We all finally got to go back in the house, and then my pawrents left! I don’t know where they went but they didn’t come home until it was almost dinner time! I was so worried!

Danger Noodles

My friend Amber is very upset and I don’t understand why. She says her mom was playing with the danger noodles again and she was so worried about her. Her mom says the danger noodles are safely locked up, but Amber still worries a lot.

This doesn’t look safe to me either!