Big Scary Day

On Wednesday, my mom put on my new Thundershirt™, put on my harness and leash, and we went to the car. It was early in the morning, and I didn’t get breakfast. I don’t really like car rides either but I’m a big boy now and so I stuck it out.

We pulled up in front of the scary place- Mom called it the V-E-T- and we went inside. I tried hard not to but she made me. Then we went into a little room and they poked me in the butt to see if I was too warm inside and then Mom took off my harness, shirt, and let the other lady I didn’t know slip a leash over my head and take me away!

I didn’t want to go but they were nice enough to me. I was sad though and I took a nap in the middle of the day and when I woke up, I heard my mom talking in the other part of the building. She said I got neutered! I don’t know what that means but she said it will help me to be a VERY GOOD DOG! so it must be okay.

When we got home, I got a drink, went potty, and had dinner and then I chased my brother around for a while. Mom said I couldn’t lick my belly but I didn’t really want to after the first hour.

Tough World

My people mama loves me a lot. All my brothers and sisters except for Tejon have gone away. My people mama says they went to go have live with their new families and be big dogs, but I’m staying here forever!

We play a lot and we get treats when we go potty outside and when we sit nicely and we get lots of pets. But look! Sometimes I get to take naps on the people bed!

Hi! I’m Yuba!

Hi! Today the big people told me I have a name. Its Yuba. And they gave me a pretty blue collar, and they snuggled me and pet me and then gave me yuck stuff they said was for worms. What are worms? Do they taste good? I like to eat kibbles with milk and chew on my brothers and sisters a lot! I like to lay on my back and wave my paws around in the air too!

The people who likes to play with us a lot says I’m hers now and I get to stay here! I don’t know what that means though.


Yesterday my mom came (I don’t think she lives with us any anymore and that makes me sad) and she took Dad and Lucy away in her car. About an hour later they came back but Lucy wasn’t with them. Mom and Dad seemed really sad, and they had her leash and collar.

After Mom left I stayed close to Daddy and tried to make him feel better. I don’t think Lucy is coming back again. 🙁 I don’t understand what happened.


The humans took me to the vet today. I didn’t want to go at first, but I finally got into the car.

The vet gave me something nice and I felt so relaxed and at peace. My humans were good to me, but I can finally rest easy now. No more pain and no more struggles. I hope they will be okay without me.

The Best Day

I had the best day yesterday! I got to bark at the mailman a lot, and I didn’t even mind when Mom yelled at me for knocking a bunch of stuff in the floor, I was so excited!

Then I made a new friend when some guy came to the house, and my Grandma came and I love her so much because she always plays with me!

Then Mom made us pretty and gave us cookies, and she pet me almost all day! It was the best day ever with all my favorite things in it! I can’t wait for it to happen again!

A Difficult Day

The woman had to carry me to the couch the other day. I fell in the kitchen and I could not stand back up. I tried and tried but my legs would not work properly.

I was so humiliated to be carried like a helpless puppy! But I am grateful she took me to the couch- what kind of dog wallows around on the kitchen floor?

Bird! My Favorite!

The other night Mom got out of bed and called us into the kitchen and she gave us each a big chunk of bird! I love bird! Its my favorite!

My sister didn’t want to leave her bed but she finally realized what was going on… though I was kind of hoping they would give me her piece too. I know she can’t possibly like bird as much as I do.

Bird! I hope we get more bird soon!